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    (PDF) Traditional method of extracting castor oil

    A study was carried out on the traditional method of processing castor oil. Nine major operations are involved in the production process - collection of seed pods, shelling of pods/winnowing

    Castor Bean - Oil Seed Crops

    Castor bean plants can exhaust the soil quickly, and regular fertilization is needed for continuous production of seed. Under irrigation, experimental tests in the U.S, yields from castor plants exceeded 1,000kg ha (890 lbs. ac) of seed regularly, and in Brazil yields up to 5,000 kg ha(4,450 lbs ac).

    Castor Oil - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Naturally Brazil is very rich in feedstock for biodiesel production, for example, soybean oil, castor oil, cottonseed oil, etc. Currently, there is a strong demand for biodiesel with the annual consumption of about 30 million tons diesel in Brazil, of which 8%-10% still needs to be imported [23, 24]. Thus, Brazil government has enacted many

    PDF Production of Detergent from Castor Oil

    Production of Detergent from Castor Oil Abubakar Garba ISAH Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B. 65, Minna, Nigeria, Abstract This research work was carried out with the objective of extraction of oil from castor seeds and its utilization to produce a synthetic detergent. Solvent

    (PDF) Castor oil plant (Ricinus communis L.): Botany, ecology

    Production of oil from castor (Ricinus communis) generates two main by-products: husks and meal. For each ton of castor oil, 1.31 ton of husks and 1.13 ton of meal are produced.

    PDF Developing the Castor Oil Opportunity

    DEVELOPING THE CASTOR OIL OPPORTUNITY The production of CGCO is highly mechanized and large Indian and Chinese manufacturers distribute between 500 to 1000 metric tons per month in order to meet global demand. In contrast, JBCO buyers worldwide may only purchase 5 to 10 metric tons of JBCO per annum to meet consumer demand.

    PDF Technologies for Extraction of Oil From Oil-bearing

    TECHNOLOGIES FOR EXTRACTION OF OIL FROM OIL-BEARING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS: country to effectively adopt modern methods in the production of edible vegetable oils, improvement The primary products of castor seed are oil and seed cake. The seed contains about 40 to 55% oil and

    PDF Extraction, Characterization and Modification of Castor Seed Oil

    Extraction, Characterization and Modification of Castor Seed Oil U. G. AKPAN, A. JIMOH, and A. D. MOHAMMED nearly nine-tenths ricinoleic. A crude Castor oil is a pale straw colour [1-2] but turns colourless or slightly yellowish after refining and bleaching. The crude oil has distinct odour, but it can easily be deodorized in the refining process.

    Castrol - one of the Leading Oil Companies in Nigeria

    Castrol continues to drive new technology and lead the agenda in automotive, industrial, aviation, marine, and mining sectors. Castrol's strength lies in its partnerships and in the development of technology, which has been created to fit the specific needs of manufacturers. Today, more cars roll off the production line in Africa with Castrol motor oil in their engines any other oil.

    PDF Methods of Palm Oil Processing in Ogun state, Nigeria: A

    1986, the Nigeria's domestic palm oil production was estimated to be 760,000 metric tonnes while her imports then stood at 179,000 metric tonnes. Palm kernel, a by-product of palm oil is also consequently produced in large quantities in Nigeria during the same period. Palm kernel output however declined from 419,000 metric tonnes

    Castor Oil Ethoxylates | Oxiteno - Surfactants and Specialty

    Castor oil ethoxylates are a type of nonionic vegetable oil ethoxylate based on castor oil which is composed of traditional fatty acids but also the unique ricinoleic acid. Oxiteno's product line includes low to high moles of ethylene oxide incorporation onto traditional castor oil, as well as, hydrogenated castor oil.

    Petroleum industry in Nigeria

    Nigeria's oil revenue has totaled $340 billion in exports since the 1970s and it is the fifth largest producer. Though Nigeria is a major oil exporter, it imports most of its gasoline, and when fuel subsidies were lifted in January 2012, fuel increased from roughly $1.70 per gallon to $3.50.

    PDF Castor Oil and its Chemistry

    Castor Oil and its Chemistry CasChem supplies a variety of castor oil grades whose uses are dictated by acid value, moisture level, color and purity. Castor Oil, also known as ricinus oil, is a triglyceride of fatty acids which occurs in the seed of the castor plant, Ricinus communis (India, Brazil). Castor Oil is unique among all fats and oils

    PDF Small-Scale Palm Oil Processing Business in Nigeria: A

    Palm oil is a major food and non-food ingredient consumed by virtually everyone in Nigeria through the use of palm oil related products. This study investigates the feasibility of small-scale palm oil processing in Nigeria, using Elele, Rivers State as case study. Information was elicited through interviews and physical observations.

    Castor Oil Market Size, Share, Price Trends and Forecast 2019

    Castor oil, produced from castor beans, is a multi-purpose vegetable oil sourced from castor beans which are primarily found in the tropical areas of Africa and Asia. It is an active ingredient with pale yellow, translucent texture and a mild odour.

    PDF Physico-chemical and Gc-ms Analysis of Some Selected Plant

    castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) is the source of castor oil. The demand for Castor oil has grown in international market because of its over 700 applications which include medicines, cosmetics, production of biodiesel, plastic, lubricants and also its high oil content which varies between 35-52% depending

    Castor Biodiesel business Plan,Castor Plant Oil,Castor Plants

    Jatrophabiodiesel (CJP ) is a leading organization provide Castor Biodiesel business Plan, Castor Plant Oil,Castor Plants Cultivation,Jatropha Products,Biodiesel Business Plan Services India Home About the Plant Uses Agronomy Economics Business Plan Services Contact

    PDF Growth And Production of Sesame - Encyclopedia of Life

    SOILS, PLANT GROWTH AND CROP PRODUCTION - Growth And Production of Sesame - Elly Kafiriti and Omari Mponda (c)Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) Whole or ground sesame seeds are used in various food preparations. Young leaves are used as a soup vegetable. However, most of the sesame in the world is consumed as oil.


    shea butter within West Africa, representing an adjunct to the first component. Currently, Europe transforms virtually all shea nut or unrefined bulk shea butter imports into an ingredient in natural beauty care products and chocolates. This study forms the third sub-component, which this author expects to be combined with the two other

    Jamaica Castor Bean Oil Extraction - The Easy Way!!!!!

    Rather than the long tedious process of extracting castor oil make more effective use of your time by using the Commercial Oil Extractor. This video demonstrates how easy it is to use and extract


    Ricinus communis, the castor bean or castor oil plant, is a species of perennial flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae.It is the sole species in the monotypic genus, Ricinus, and subtribe, Ricininae.The evolution of castor and its relation to other species are currently being studied using modern genetic tools.

    PDF Small-scale Production of Essential Oils

    SMALL-SCALE PRODUCTION OF ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils are the volatile oils distilled from aromatic plant materials. The odour and flavour of these oils is usually dependent upon these oxygenated compounds. Many oils are terpenoids, a few oils are benzene derivatives. Table 1 shows the important constituents of the more common essential oils

    ABC Machinery|Turnkey Solutions of Biomass, Grain & Oil

    ABC Machinery is engaged in offering customized plan and turnkey solutions of biomass, grain and oil processing, including pellet plant, briquette production line, oil mill plant and flour mill plant.

    Castor oil: A vital industrial raw material - ScienceDirect

    Castor oil also can be modified by reduction with hydrogen to produce hydrogenated castor oil (HCO), which is a wax-like material with melting point of 86 °C. Hydrogenated castor oil is used in cosmetics, hair dressing, ointments, preparation of hydrostearic acid and its derivatives; and in certain cases as wax substitutes and for polishes.

    Global Castor Oil Market Expected to Expand at a CAGR of 3.0%

    Castor Oil: Market Outlook. Production of hydrogenated castor oil has played a very crucial role in the cosmetic and chemical industry. The purpose of hydrogenation of castor oil is not only to improve the keeping qualities, taste and odor of the castor oil but also to raise the melting point of the oil.

    Production of Biolubricant From Castor Oil - OnePetro

    In this research, bio-lubricant was produced from castor oil in two stage processes where methyl ester of the oil was produced by esterification and then transesterified using homogenous catalyst (NaOH). It was then blended with 15w/w% of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) to produce bio-lubricant.

    7 Benefits and Uses of Castor Oil - Healthline

    Castor oil is a popular natural treatment for various common conditions and often used in natural beauty products. This article lists 7 benefits and uses of castor oil.

    Castrol History -Castrol World-Leading Manufacture | About

    Castrol has a reputation for manufacturing, distributing and marketing class leading engine oil. Through specialising in the production and exploration of premium lubricating oils and greases within the automotive, aviation, industrial and marine industries; we have grown to become a respected and recognised brand in the oil and lubricant industry.

    Zim embarks on massive castor beans production | ZBC News Online

    Zim embarks on massive castor beans production. Nigeria and Tanzania. Castor beans can be harvested three times a year and they produce several by-products which will reduce the import bill comprising castor oil, fertiliser, biodiesel, pharmaceuticals, plastic and stock feed among others.

    Nigeria's Top 10 Exports

    Searchable List of Nigeria's Most Valuable Export Products. At the more granular four-digit HTS code level, Nigeria's top export products are crude oil and, to a lesser extent, petroleum gases, tugboats and pusher craft, cocoa beans, oils seeds then breaker vessels.

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